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 The brushes japanese


The ancestral technique of artistic repair of Kintsugi requires to respect different stages in the process and to act with a lot finesse and dexterity.

Among all the phases in the implementation of a repair process by the Kintsugi, that of the application of the lacquer on the cracks is certainly one of those which require the most thoroughness and patience.

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To allow the finest rendering and accompany the gestures necessary for this task, it is advisable to use a Japanese brush specifically designed to bring extreme finesse to the lines of lacquer.


What are the particularities of Japanese brushes for the art of Kintsugi?


In order to allow the tracing of very beautiful fine lines on the cracks of the ceramic object and to remain in this approach of authenticity of the practice of Kintsugi, the best choice to make is to privilege the high quality of Japanese brushes.

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The brush strokes, necessary to apply the lacquer to the object in successive layers, are always made from top to bottom, so that it is better to have a Japanese brush with a very tapered base to obtain aesthetic lines that will enhance the color of the lacquer and the aesthetics of the object.


Depending on the desired rendering, the nature of the ceramic elements, the dimensions and the thickness of the object to be repaired, it will be necessary to make an informed choice as to the size of the brush, the length and the thickness of its brush. .

Whether it's preparing your mixtures or coming to apply your coats of lacquer, knowing how to target the right size and fineness of your brush is essential to guarantee a result that lives up to your commitment to the artistic repair process and the approach of resilience that we grant to the art of Kintsugi.


Where to find Japanese brushes for a Kintsugi work of art?


The Kintsugi Art online store offers a wide range of Japanese brushes on order and free delivery everywhere in France and abroad.

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Faithful to our values of always respecting the authenticity of the Kintsugi technique as close as possible to what it was in ancestral times, all our brushes are handmade in Japan, in natural or synthetic fibers when it is is to be part of an animal protection approach.


Whether you need a simple fine line brush N°0 to a whole set of Japanese brushes, you will find on Kintsugi Art the possibility of placing an order for a single copy or for complete kits integrating different sizes and for different uses.

Each delivery is accompanied by a small collection of precautions to take when using your brushes as well as the various risks associated with the Kintsugi technique.


To learn the Kintsugi or to perfect your technique, you just have to make your selection of Japanese brushes on our online store to receive high quality tools at home in just a few days.

The Japanese brush, flagship tool for the Kintsugi technique!

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