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General Conditions of Sale Internship Kintsugi

General conditions of sale for the formation of kintsugi urushi  updated on 22/02/2024

1. Object

Kintsugi Art offers training in the field of initiation to the art of traditional Japanese kintsugi urushi to its customers. These trainings are carried out in the workshop by group or individually. It aims to become familiar with the elements that you will have to use lacquers, tools, materials, medium and gold powder.

2. Prerequisites

No prerequisites are required to participate in this training. The only requirement concerns compliance with the regulatory framework in force.

3. Objectives

The training aims to integrate the traditional Japanese kintsugi language, to discover the stages of creation, from reconstruction to smoothing through sanding and polishing, which will allow you to obtain a beautiful piece in kintsugi, by preparing the 2 medium mugi urushi and sabi, working on rough cleaning by learning the techniques of laying, sanding and smoothing black lacquer, introducing you to the laying of red lacquer and gold powder. At the end of this training course, the trainee will be able to repair with urushi lacquer a broken ceramic in the art of Japanese kintsugi. These objectives do not imply any obligation of results for Kintsugi Art which simply undertakes to provide the client with all the documentary support detailed in its training offer.

4. Duration

The training is spread over 5 days (excluding weekends).

5. Terms and times of access

The terms of registration via the online Kintsugi internship registration form. The following information will be communicated in the convocation which will be sent before the training:

The training is delivered on site.

6. Prices and regulations

The trainings are offered by Kintsugi Art at the price of €1050 including tax.


As part of its training offer, Kintsugi Art allows its customers to contact Kintsugi Art via the following email address:

A telephone number is also available to trainees.

+33 684 817 601.

Postal address, legal information:

Kintsugi Art 18 impasse de la Frescoule 13008 Marseille France

8. Evaluation methods

Kintsugi Art evaluates trainees based on the Kintsugi Art evaluation criteria. To do this, it uses checks that make it possible to control the correct acquisition of skills by the trainee.

9. Methods used

Teaching methods: visual, demonstrative, workshops.

10. Accessibility for people with disabilities

If you think you have a disability, please contact our disability referent (Fallières Didier) as soon as possible to assess your needs together and see what solutions are possible to support you, train you or guide you.


if this is the case: Access to our centers can be done by public transport, by bus and stations accessible to people with reduced mobility.


11. Cancellation
Kintsugi Art reserves the right to cancel the course due to lack of registration or special reason. In this case we refund all registration fees.

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