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My philosophy of life

My kintsugi journey
Didier Faillères Nara Japan

My kintsugi urushi creation pieces are the purest expression of how I live my life. I use everything I see, touch and create as inspiration. Through their creative and tactile qualities, my pieces reflect my natural appetite for freedom and connection to the present moment. I started experimenting with the art of kintsugi several years ago, which I deepened at the very source in Japan, with a lacquer master in the city of Nara, a region where the traditional art of Kintsugi and to use the concept of Wabi Sabi which combines the refinement of aesthetics and spirituality.

It was with the same pleasure and the same curiosity that I had begun to experiment with the art of make-up as a professional make-up artist. It is quite naturally that a strong link has developed between make-up, painting, ceramics, materials and the creation of Kintsugi pieces.


These rigorous processes are naturally similar and infinitely satisfying regardless of the time of realization of each work.

All these different processes of rigor are naturally similar and immensely satisfying, regardless of the time involved in creating each artwork.

I found in the kintsugi the rigor, the patience necessary for the accomplishment of a work. I've come to realize that they have the potential to capture a person's fleeting, happy memory and make it timeless. In my everyday life, I travel a lot, I visit galleries and museums, I walk the streets, I get inspired, I explore and I share what I find whether it's real objects, everything which is made with authenticity and heart.

That's why on my return, I created, and I continue to train in Japan regularly, because kintsugi is the learning of a lifetime.








The brand "kintsugi art is filed with the INPI under number 19 4 537 437 dated March 26, 2019. Didier Faillères, Marseille January/January 2019.

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