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Kintsugi professional repair

Didier Fallières Artisan kintsugi


The industrial era has transformed our society into a society of over-consumption where replacing a faulty product has become commonplace rather than repairing it. It can be difficult to imagine that a damaged or broken object can be considered to have value, a value as much spiritual as aesthetic…

The concept that I propose to you aims to restore objects with a strong symbolic or emotional charge thanks to the traditional Japanese method of Kintsugi Urushi. They will be respected, rebuilt and sublimated thanks to different materials such as gold, in order to open a new chapter in their history. 




The relationship I have with my clients and their objects is privileged. Each person and object has a different story, which is why I favor dialogue in order to obtain information on the pieces and the memories attached to them in order to offer the best possible restoration. 

When a restoration is started, the repair process is entirely carried out with natural materials while respecting the tradition of Kintsugi Urushi. 


kintsugi by Didier Faillères
technique by Didier Faillères


The Urushi lacquer method has nothing comparable to a classic synthetic glue. This technique, in addition to bringing a reworked aesthetic with quality metals, is resistant to water (hot or cold), has a durable seal over time while providing the object with greater resistance. In addition, due to the use of materials of natural origin, the objects are not toxic, which is rarely the case with synthetic glues or other techniques. 




If you would like more information or a quote, do not hesitate to contact me by E-mail or by phone. The taking of information can be done remotely or by a meeting in order to discuss together the nature of the repair to be carried out on your parts. 

The prices are estimated according to the working time on an object, the price is therefore calculated on this same basis whatever the value of the object. 

Buthod Boy Crater Vase
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